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Upgrading Your Home Office

September 23, 2020

Hello & Welcome


A wife and designer. Passionate about all things home, family and food. Thanks for visiting!

Hello & Welcome


A wife and designer. Passionate about all things home, family and food. Thanks for visiting!

Many of us are staying home more than we used to, we are working from home, home-schooling, or working on that side hustle. By using your home office more often, you may have noticed that you require a few upgrades and a fresh look.

Choosing to invest in your office space is a great choice! You spend a lot of time working and your working environment can make a noticeable difference in your productivity, collaboration, and overall health.

Let’s talk about furniture. Your body will thank you for investing in furniture that is adjustable and supportive to your specific needs. Does sitting in your office chair give you a sore back or neck? We recommend an ergonomic office chair with good lumbar support. Our favourite budget-friendly chair we recommend is the Dexley Mesh Task Chair and the Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair from Staples.

We all know sitting is the new smoking as far as health risk is concerned. Why not invest in a height-adjustable desk? There are many great products on the market. The IKEA SKARSTA desk is viable and budget-friendly and is available in two colour options.

Are you doing paperwork, long hours on the computer, or have a job that requires creativity? Prevent putting more strain on your eyes by shopping for a task lamp that suits your style. Our favourites are the ones with a charging station for your phone, extra practical!

When renovating your office, keep layout and function in mind. What are your daily tasks? What do you need to work as efficiently as possible? Would it be that you need to find an organizational method for your office supplies, a designated area for your printer and files to be easily accessible, or creating an office space for two people to work productively?

Lastly, if you’re going to paint your office, don’t forget the psychological effects that colour has. Find out what colours work for you and the job you have. If you need a room that gives you lots of energy, yellows and greens can trigger optimism and invigoration. While other colours will benefit a state of tranquillity and concentration.

Want that perfect background for your zoom meetings? Add wall decor, a bookcase, or a wall treatment such as shiplap, wallpaper, or wall panelling.

We hope this provided you with a few tips to create an office personalized to you and promotes productivity, collaboration, good health, and a space in your home you look forward to working in!

Thank you!


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