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August 19, 2021

Hello & Welcome


A wife and designer. Passionate about all things home, family and food. Thanks for visiting!

Hello & Welcome


A wife and designer. Passionate about all things home, family and food. Thanks for visiting!

Whatever your project may require, have a solid starting point!

Before you start any project, take the time to acknowledge a few key details.

The B Word. What is your budget? We have all seen the cost of a 2×4 fly through the ceiling. Does your budget allow for any unforeseen issues that could be costly? For example, a plumbing issue or city code requirements. If your budget does not allow for unexpected costs, you may want to save up a bit more before starting your project – just to be on the safe side. Be open with your contractor about your budget. If they are experienced and professional they will be able to provide you with an estimate and plan your renovation within your budget – before any demo is started.

A very important date. What is your timeline? Realistically. We are living in a crazy time, supply and demand are off-kilter, restock could take months and companies are short on staff. When it comes to ordering, items could take months longer than expected and/or arrive damaged. Tradesmen and Contractors are busier than ever and are, in some cases, weeks to months out! Your contractor and designer should be able to provide you with a timeline based on the scope of your project that may include more than enough grace period.

Take heart! Are you prepared for the emotional road of a renovation? Renovations can be costly and lengthy. You could be living in a half reno’d house for months on end and it can be very unsettling for some. It’s dusty and dirty, and you have trades coming in and out during the day. It might feel like it’s taking forever and in the midst of it all, a costly problem might arise. A major renovation is not for the faint of heart! In the end, it will all be worth it with the right contractor and designer to walk you through it.

Research, research, research! Look up general contractors and interior designers in your area. Read reviews, ask friends and family if they can refer anyone and compare material and labour costs. Ask questions. Find the best match for YOU and your project! There are some people you just don’t harmonize with and that’s ok. Find a contractor that you feel comfortable and confident with because depending on your project size, you could be seeing a lot of him/her in the next year or longer. Plus, it just makes the whole process that much smoother.

For even more ways you can prepare for your renovation, check out this article on HGTV Canada by Bryan Baeumler! Bryan Baeumler Reveals 12 Biggest Reno Blunders Homeowners Always Make

I hope that helps you as a starting point. Feel free to comment or reach out to us if you have any questions!

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